LOCAL FLAVOR: H&M Southdale to Open 10.22.2009

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Get U Home by Shwayze

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D&G F/W 2009/2010 Military Jackets Online

While “window” shopping today, I went onto the D&G online store and was pleasantly surprised to find two military jackets from the F/W 2009/2010 show featured on their site.  The jackets that came out of this collection are so beautiful…the whole runway show can be seen in video or picture format on the D&G site…this collection definitely goes down in my books as a spectacular one to remember…

JACKET #1:D&G FW 2009

D&G FW 2009 4

D&G FW 2009 3

D&G FW 2009 10Taylor Fuchs for D&G

JACKET #2:D&G FW 2009 5

D&G FW 2009 8

D&G FW 2009 7

D&G FW 2009 9

D&G FW 2009 11

The first of these two jackets is retailing for $1475.00 USD, the second one for $1580.00 USD.  Too pricey for me!  I’m pretty sad about that.  I wish I could own either one…the embellishments on both are excellent — the curvilinear contrast stitching on the arms/forearms, the gold buttons with insignia, and the chevrons…I like that attention to detail has been given to the construction of the back of both jackets as well…  I think I’m in love.  Unrequited love…  Oh well…perhaps YOOX, which powers the D&G online store, will carry jackets from this collection once the season passes.

image source

Minneapolis First Snow, 10.12.2009

First Snow 2009

The no-flash option on my camera makes the snowflakes look like streamers.  I’m not sure if I’m celebrating tonight, though.

Balenciaga Mens F/W 07.08 on the YOOX Semi-Annual Sample Sale

Normally, I don’t shop on YOOX.  Most of the time, I find the selection overwhelming to sift through, and they seem to save their best stuff for their overseas sites, which do not ship to the US (for SHAME, YOOX).  However, yesterday morning, I received the below notice to preview their new semi-annual sample sale with markdowns of up to 90% off:

asw yoox

It’s unclear to me if this was an ASW exclusive offer…regardless, anybody can click HERE and shop away…and whether or not YOOX uses the word “new” to describe this sample sale specifically, or if the site is introducing a sample sale concept every half year or so…  Life-altering thoughts aside, I decided to click and browse…I won’t lie, there’s quite a lot to sift through, and I’m assuming with promises of up to 90% off, the merchandise represents the dregs of the dregs that YOOX is trying to unload.

I was pleasantly surprised however, to find this Balenciaga men’s button-down shirt, which I ended up picking up:

balenciaga yooximages off of YOOX.com

The pinstriping, contrast cuffs and collar, plus the pleated detail on the front were what initially caught my eye.  And at $155 USD I felt the price was verging on a steal for Balenciaga.  I can’t wait for this piece to arrive…my only hope is that I chose the right size…reading around, people tend to dramatically size up when it comes to Balenciaga menswear…at least that’s what I’ve seen with sweaters and coats…I hope the same holds true with the label’s button-downs…

Balenciaga yoox closeup

To me, this shirt stands on its own…as in, I’d wear it regardless of what year it is as it’s not a dated look to me…  But I was still curious if I could locate the actual collection this shirt may have been a part of.  The white stripes over the pale blue, along w/ the white cuffs and collar are very American, Ralph Lauren, wear-to-work to me…so that was one clue…at the same time, the pleated detailing along with the black cloth-covered buttons lifted the prep-based look to a more formal sensibility…clue number 2.  Now which of the previous Balenciaga collections sourced from Americana-inspired looks but then gave each look a more European appeal through cut and embellishment (piped-edge blazers, college-styled sweaters with embroidered letters on the front, army-navy surplus store coats with added fur collars for flair…)?  “Could it be?” I thought to myself.

Balenciaga FW 0708image from men.style.com

It didn’t take long to resurface images of my favorite Balenciaga mens collection — the Fall Winter 2007-2008 collection.  The shirt above has the same cuffs, collar, and black buttons…I wish I could find a closeup image to determine if the shirt is striped or a solid color…and most importantly, I wish there were additional pics without the waistcoat buttoned over the front.  Regardless…I think I’m pretty convinced it’s the same shirt.

What do you think?  Prove me wrong if you can, I’d really like to know…send me any additional images you might know of, I’ve scoured the internet all I can for now…

Etiqueta Negra Launches Online Store

etiqueta negra 4all images from Etiqueta Negra.

I first heard about Etiqueta Negra when I read of their New York store opening at the end of 2008.  A leading supplier of  menswear in its home country, Argentina, the Lafayette Street store opening signified the company’s entry into the US markets.  I remember seeing images of the storefront and store interior, and making a mental note to check it out in person the next time I was in the city.  However, I’ve now received notice that they have launched an online store.  Per The Shophound, the label has been described as “Argentinian Tom Ford.”  I also think it’s a very compatible answer to H&M’s COS division…which, who knows when if ever it’ll hit stateside.  The collection is consistently clean and sharp and gives the sense of modern wear-to-work with taste and quality.  “Etiqueta Negra” literally translates into “Black Label” in English, and I find the minimal name punctual and very suited to the collection.

etiqueta negra 7

etiqueta negra 7

I particularly like these monk-strap style shoes.  Unfortunately, I cannot find them online for purchase.  They are a part of the Spring 2009 collection…so if it’s Fall 2009 here, wouldn’t that translate to Spring 2009 down there across the equator?  Regardless, I suspect their online store is an edited-down selection of their offerings…I’m particularly taking a liking to this duffle, it looks smart and tasteful for the man who wishes to travel in style but without garnering attention to his travel luggage — cause we all feel we need to give our LV Keepall a rest every so often — at $420 USD, the duffle is a very reasonable pricepoint, especially since it too, is canvas and leather.

etiqueta negra 9

Check out shop.etiquetanegra.us to see the rest of their online store.

LOCAL FLAVOR: Polo Ralph Lauren and Puma @ the Albertville Premium Outlets

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