H&M Fall Winter 2009


>>UPDATE 08.31.09: Summer is steadily coming to an end, and I’m guessing this jacket above has already come and gone in the stores where it was stocked.  Never made it out to one of the stores that carried the Trend line.  Shame.  Would have been nice to own, but life goes on.  Did any of you manage to pick it up?  I’d love to see pictures.  In the meantime, check out what I recently DID find at my local H&M for this upcoming season HERE.<<

For about the past half a year, I’ve been scouring ebay for military/band jackets.  In fact, I had my eye on a few vintage West Point cadet uniforms with those coat tails reminiscent of a bygone era after seeing one for sale from an online retailer that was dabbling in vintage offerings.  It’s the front design I’m after, the round nubby buttons and the horizontal detailing down the chest…Topshop released a collection of band uniform-inspired coats not too long ago, and despite the ridiculous 10£ shipping charges — this was before Topshop or Topman launched their US sites but were offering stateside shipping…it was also during a time when the exchange rate was closer to 1:2 (I LOVE this recession) — I tried to but never found the male equivalent on the Topman site.

What I love about this coat by H&M for this coming fall is that it’s not too themed to the point I’d look costumed-out nuts and gimicky trying to pull it off (goodbye ebay West Point uniforms).  It’s a comfortably and conveniently pared down rendition of a look everyone from Kanye to Christophe Decarnin of Balmain is working as of late.  LOVE Balmain.

I’m obviously not holding my breath for this jacket to land in the middle of Minnesota — this definitely smells of being part of H&M’s trendier more exclusive pieces.  Thus, depending on where I am later this summer, I’ll have to try Michigan Ave. or the Manhattan spots.

A few more of my personal picks for jackets from H&M FW2009 after the jump:


again w/ the military/band theme!


I’m so glad we’re departing from the leather members only/bombers and revisiting sleek and smooth…


this is definitely an accent piece with the texture and all…


One response to “H&M Fall Winter 2009

  1. I really get what you mean by the military style jacket at the top. I REALLY want it and i have been looking for one for ever. I like the way it is like military but in a subtle way. I am going to run to the shop to buy this or I will buy it online. They have just released a jacket like that in Zara but it is not the same.

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