Hunter Wellingtons on

hunter short isn’t offering a full out sale on a selection of Hunter wellies, but if you click among their personal offerings, they are offering the short style in navy.  All sizes available except for size 12!  Can’t get to them because you’re not a member?  Click HERE for your personal invite.  Then go to this web address if you want direct access:

I have a pair of these in the original style in black and they are perfect.  I first found this brand offered by jcrew two Christmases ago, and really loved how they could be incorporated into the jcrew wardrobe.  They’re not the cheapest of rainboots out there on the market (especially given marc jacobs perodically offers his $29/pair every spring), but they have a reputable history.  My sister picked up a bright beautiful pair in red with a flashy inside design from shopbop that were part of Hunter’s festival collection, named as such I’m assuming based on the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts.  I can totally imagine a girl schlepping it up in these boots at an outdoor music festival (I maybe wrong, but I recall Kate Moss did as such at one time…in the original style of course).  

The funny thing is, despite their recent renaissance, Hunter Wellies aren’t regarded as a fashion-do in some circles.  I lived in rural Minnesota for a part of last year and recall a woman — who thought well of herself because she had children who were part of the local riding club (equestrian status in west central Minnesota = culture?  please…  but please do definitely come back to me when you’ve sent your children to Andover) — who voiced that my boots were what the kids who couldn’t afford real riding boots wore.  Ah the life of the simpleton…


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