House of Holland for Topshop

Henry Holland Tee

I have a crush on Henry Holland.  On top of being just outright attractive, he makes for the most amusing host on these mini interviews Vogue UK does with important beings in the fashion world.  If you follow him on twitter (I sure do), he helps the day pass with interesting musings (example:  Due to it’s proximity to central saint martins, the sainsbury’s local by my studio is like a hipster gay bar at times. Not complaining.”).   To me, his twitter pictures epitomize a London lifestyle imbued with the distinct carefree fashion sense and collegiality I recall witnessing when I visited a few friends studying abroad for a semester.

I remember a couple years ago finding his tees @ Barneys as well as Seven New York — you remember, the clever rhymes that worked in designer’s names…I picked up his Hedi Slimane and Nicolas Ghesquiere ones — not only do I also adore these two designers, but the color combos for these two tees were great.  Mr. Holland now has a tee for Topman…I don’t follow closely enough, but if my aging memory serves me right, Topshop/Topman was an early supporter of his label, and, as with Christopher Kane’s works, also a source for ripoffs…

Henry, even boys in the midwasteland of the US love you!

Watch him do his thing @ Mulberry after the jump:


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