Burberry Prorsum S/S 2010

BP Mens_Fashion_Show

It’s that time of the demi-year again when I get to click click click through pages of coverage on the fashion weeks…beginning now with mens and culminating with womens this coming fall, I am thankful that the internet allows a stranded soul in Minnesota to follow the happenings of the fashion world.  Following fashion week from afar online (give my meager resources and nonexistant contacts in the industry) has become a personal tradition that began my junior year in college.  During those dark ages, youtube and its capability of playing full length shows had not come to dawn yet.  Instead, there was style.com, which played extremely truncated video snippets of the shows to coincide with their reviews and photos, but I hungrily ate it all up nonetheless.  Men.style.com was not in existence either, and although I thought it was great to add a brother site, coverage of mens fashion obviously doesn’t capture the exact same attention as does womens…no videos…no detail shots for a while…but I digress…

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I became fully obsessed with Christopher Bailey’s Prorsum line for Burberry.  Burberry itself did not really register in my mind as relevant until I left for college.  Of course, it was present in the likes of GQ or Details…in ads and editorials…but it wasn’t the same effect as seeing girls walk down the halls toting their plaid bags, scarfs, earmuffs, pants…you name it…  But even then, I didn’t understand the concept of Burberry as a status symbol…obviously connoting a sense of luxury infinitely higher than anything Coach could ever offer, its price points weren’t necessarily at the same level as that of Louis Vuitton…to me, it was limbo luxury…and I just did not get why girls made such a big deal of it…

burberry on newbury

At the very end of Newbury St…right across from Chanel, was the Burberry boutique.  As with most of the high end stops on Newbury, I wouldn’t necessarily say this boutique gave way to the ultimate Burberry experience…especially given the size and appearance of the NYC locations, but ours was a cozy and pretty ending after the stroll down from Mass Ave.

Christopher Bailey joined Burberry in 2001 as their creative director, and so he was only just getting started at a time I had already established my initial impressions of this brand.  Back at his start, I remember seeing images from the Prorsum line he created and feeling confused as to how such elegantly designed fashion translated into the ever-present plaid to the point of tacky in the store.  I was intrigued upon learning that the Prorsum and London lines were separate, and impressed with Bailey’s vision of distancing the brand from its then-associated image of the arbitor of plaid in an effort to establish it a global luxury label…with taste…

The Boston store, especially during the early years, was always fortunate to carry a piece or two of Bailey’s Prorsum line…I remember going in to inquire about a sweater with beautiful floral embroidery (even better in person) and a couple years later, about that ubiquitous skinny belt with the one line of studs, which still manages to successfully translate into mass culture fashion…  When Burberry opened at the Mall of America last year, I walked in hoping (but with low expectations obviously) Prorsum would be offered there as well…of course, it wasn’t…I walked out immediately…  Someday, it’d be nice to have access to a flagship that offers the full line.  Year after year, he consistently delivers.  His mens line for next spring and summer is no different.

Prorsum SS 2009 1

I love the straps and wrapped shoulders on this sweater…there’s a bondage aesthetic to this piece…so 80s…but Bailey defers any reference to this by stating he actually was inspired by by the straps that working men used to sling their coats over their shoulders.

Prorsum SS 2009 2

Raingear and Burberry are obviously synonymous, and Bailey states this collection is about the weather…this cape not only reinforces these concepts, but it does so from a new from a fresh stylistic perspective.

Prorsum SS 2009 3

Prorsum SS 2009 4

Prorsum SS 2009 5

Prorsum SS 2009 5.2

Prorsum SS 2009 5.1

These raincoats are the only bold flashes of color in this collection, which otherwise assumes very soft and mild spring-in-the-UK tones…great contrasting black detailing and I love the fullness of the hoods with the thick velcro patches on substantial straps…

Prorsum SS 2009 6

Canvas tote…but tastefully gussied up with leather detailing that lends a military and vintage aesthetic.  Excellent.

Runway images courtesy of men.style.com

Lookbook image per The New York Times’ The Moment on Twitter.


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