i love me a good Vogue editorial: Emma Watson

emma watsonall images per Teen Vogue

As I just mentioned in my most recent post about SNSD, Vogue, regardless of the country, can do no wrong.  No other publication knows how to put together an editorial in quite the same way as the staff at Vogue.  Here in the US of A, I am fully anticipating this July’s Teen Vogue issue featuring Emma Watson on the cover and in an editorial as shown in the pictures below.  As a dear friend once told me a couple years back, “Teen Vogue is the most under-recognized publication out there.”  These images indicate Teen Vogue has got is just as together as her older sister.  I love the English countryside setting, and to me, Emma is like a modern day Alice in Wonderland placed in reality and at the Mad Hatter’s estate grounds where the tea party will begin shortly…

more images after the jump:

the ultra full skirts in the following images are so beautiful — i especially love the floral brocade one…so balenciaga-esque!  and the red velvet jacket w/ the fur stole?  such a classic look given the setting…

emma watson 2

emma watson 3

emma watson 4

emma watson 5

emma watson 6

emma watson 7


3 responses to “i love me a good Vogue editorial: Emma Watson

  1. gorgeous, I just can’t get enough of this spread!

  2. the jacket she is wearing on the ladder with the gorgeous purple dress, who is the designer!? i have been looking everywhere.

    • Hey Kelsie — the jacket Emma’s wearing while posing on the ladder is by Gryphon. It’s available for purchase at Nordstrom. You can click HERE to see it online. I like the detailing around the arms!

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