Gossip Girl by Anna Sui for Target

blairtwo of the “Blair” looks — both Blair’s and Anna’s styles definitely come through…

the Cut released images of Anna Sui’s collection for Target, coming this fall…in stores and online starting September 13.  4 different sets of looks inspired by Blair, Jenny, Vanessa, and Serena of Gossip Girl…Blair’s (above) are pretty right on the dot…Vanessa’s come in second…then Serena (below) has a grey dress w/ feathered (?) trim around the neck that makes sense to me…the leather (do we have another potential Tracy Feith sell-out?  somehow, I don’t find it as attractive as Tracy’s classic rendition) jacket associated to her style is interesting…I’m puzzled over Jenny.  But aside from that, the “Anna Sui” look comes through consistently in all of her outfits, which is what matters the most to me.  It’s always great digging around in her Soho boutique…and I love that she stocks a few things for guys too…

serenatwo of the “Serena” looks

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