I Kiss Boys Tote @ Ralph Lauren & Rugby


per Rugby.com:

“Fashion and function meet philanthropy in our I Kiss Boys Tote — 100% of the net proceeds from your purchase directly benefit the Hetrick-Martin Institute. Designed by students of Polo Fashion School, the tote reflects the proud values of the Hetrick-Martin Institute’s Harvey Milk High School, dedicated to the needs of the lesbian, bi-sexual, gay and transgender or questioning community and open to all students. Lightweight canvas with a spray-painted background and “Live Colorful with the Hetrick Martin Institute” printed on one side; “I Kiss Boys” in script on the other side and contrasting shoulder straps.15″ H x 14 1/2″ L. 100% cotton. Imported.”

Cute, and only $10!  And just in time for Pride Week.  Over @ racked.com, they note that these totes are also available for purchase @ the Bleeker store…somebody’s trying to pull a Marc Jacobs accessory store concept…  Kinda flimsy-looking online, but it’s for a good cause…rugby.com has them for sale HERE.

…oh, there’s an “I Kiss Girls” tote too…but…whatever…

image per racked.com, a site i cannot live day-to-day without…

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