Summer/Fall 2009 Reading, Part 1

A soon-to-be-released book to add to your preorder queue…:

Men’s American Fashion or American Fashion Menswear or Men’s Fashion with the CFDA by Robert E. Bryan

assoulineimage from

Whew!  A search on three different sites gives way to three different titles!

This book, part of a series on American fashion put out by the CFDA and assouline, is a retrospective overview of the influences, themes, and trends that have come out of American menswear.  We get references from the strapping Levi’s cowboy to the Ivy prepster.  The preview pictures give the impression this book will be an excellent collection of runway shots, advertisements, and archival.  Can’t wait!

Of random note:  I found out about this title on Hamilton Shirts’ website which holds what appears to be a very interesting blog imbued with vintage-y Texan Americana I can’t wait to pour through…just gotta find the time…

Release date: September 1, 2009.

Preorder at HERE.


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