iPhone Art


image from http://www.20X200.cm

Jorge Colombo is an artist currently residing in New York who has created some impressive “paintings” of The City using the Brushes app on his iPhone.  Very clever indeed.   His creations are beautiful I must say…I get the sense these depictions took place during the colder months…and the dark moody tones definitely add to that…and yet, the soft edges lend a warmth to these paintings that negate any harsh feeling or sense that winter in NYC can sometimes convey.  There’s definitely an anonymity, and the sense that the viewer is the lone observant, that also comes through in these paintings…I’m sure everybody acquainted with The City can identify with that sense.  My favorite of his prints offered for sale on www.20×200.com is the one above, with the old DKNY billboard still present…

A couple other images after the jump:

isketch278image from http://www.jorgecolombo.com

The ubiquitous corner bodega complete w/ flower stand…

CV1_TNY_06_01_09.inddimage per http://www.jorgecolombo.com

Colombo’s cover creation for The New Yorker.


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