Recession Gardening

One of the great things about mid summer is all the local area garden centers, both professional and grocery, start marking down their leftover plants like none other…IT’S A FIRE…sale…

So tonight, while I went to pick up a few things at our fabulous Hy-Vee, I also stopped for a bit to peruse what have been deemed the unwanted undesirables…they’re withering…they’re yellowing…some of the pots are even empty their original inhabitants have already died and passed on…

Quart-size perennials 5/$10.00!  I couldn’t resist…after all…what’s a little extra TLC if you’re picking up a $2.00 runt?

I picked up an Oriental Poppy:

poppyPathetic little seedling…all yellowed at the edges…but I love poppies, my grandfather grew an original red variety…here’s to crossing my fingers that she’ll grow up tall and strong…

I also picked up a couple Coral Bells…the shape of the foliage is what attracts me…more so than their flowers…I picked up one with solid green leaves, and one that seems more variegated…once again, hoping these two siblings will perk up once I sink them into the ground…

Coral Bells

A few weeks ago, I picked up a couple of the same poppies…in similar condition and they seem to be much happier…so hopefully, the “before” shot above can match the “after” shot below:

poppy after

My little sister picked up a Delphinium that day…some nasty caterpillar ate holes through its pretty leaves…but there seem to be new shoots popping up…




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