HOW EMBARRASSING: Jake in Chicago Plays Dirty

The New York Times put up an article yesterday regarding this boutique in Chicago:


The articles deals with how the owners of this once-charming boutique went through the effort of establishing relationships with up-and-coming designers…only to take advantage of those relationships once the economy went sour.  It’s a story of betrayal…it’s a story of that nice grandma-type neighbor pointing a gun at you she pulled from her purse…it’s sickening.

It’s no secret that this economy has been nice to nobody…but from a non-industry perspective, it would seem that emerging designers already have it rough and tough staking a name for themselves.

I’ve stopped into Jake before when I’ve been in Chicago…it’s a cute niche on Rush Street…I’ve purchased excellent pieces from them in the past…a shirt and a couple belts from Band of Outsiders were my most recent buys…but this makes me think twice about wanting to give them my business.  As it is, their website has been a very disappointing pile of crap in the past year or so…at least for mens…so perhaps it’s high time we all moved on and looked elsewhere.

16jake-190Click below to read the NYTimes article:


2 responses to “HOW EMBARRASSING: Jake in Chicago Plays Dirty

  1. true true, the website has been a joke especially for men’s. this article totally makes sense as to why the selection has been piss poor- i think it probably wouldn’t be a smart idea to give these guys your money especially if it means taking a return for store credit……..who knows if they are going to be around in a year…month…week?

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