Coach Finally Embraces Itself for What It Is


By now, high school girls nationwide or think-they-are fashionistas in the midwest have probably seen the latest line by Coach in full swing at their nearest location…even my small podunk hometown has one…it’s like McDonald’s!

To me, Coach will always be the training-bra to high end accessories…something you donned back as a youngster and thought was the biggest deal to have, but have no need for now that you’re grown up.  So it always behooves me when I see women my age with smug-expressions on their faces as they walk past me with what can only be described as an LV for the masses slung over one shoulder…  It’s tacky, it’s tasteless, it’s the blind leading the blind.

All this is why their latest collection is receiving a nod of approval from me.  They finally got the formula right for once…nothing in this collection says I’m foolishly aspiring for a higher look.  It’s loud in terms of color and kitsch.  It looks cheap.  It’s like the brand finally acquiesced, stopped trying so hard for once, and decided to play in its own league for once.  Bravo.

Images of the collection after the jump:

window display 2sure, why not…






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