Minneapolis Aquatennial 2009 Target Fireworks

It’s about time I posted something Minnesota-related…given it’s home for me and all…

under the bridge shot

I’ve been living in Minneapolis for a while now…but I’ve never made it out to see the annual fireworks show at the end of the Minneapolis Aquatennial…a week-long festival steeped in history that, growing up, I never knew about.  So last Saturday night, I took a break from my regular life and headed downtown.  The show is sponsored by Target, and I must say, it really makes me proud to think Target, as nation-wide and successful as it may be, is a Minnesota original that invests in its own homeland…

My picture from my “disposable” digi is blurry…altho I do like the dreamy effect that it lends and I like the setting…I took this shot from underneath the Stone Arch Bridge, which traverses over the Mississippi and is the site from where the works are shot from…

The show is definitely a crowd pleaser, and much better than the 4th of July works in my small hometown…where it’s just one explosion following another as opposed to a visual fantasmagoria…

You can get a better idea/appreciation of how spectacular the works are via Flikr, where real photographers have uploaded some of their beautiful images.


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