WON: Take Ivy by T. Hayashida, Part 2

This posting is less about the book itself, but more a shout-out to my contact in Japan who runs an awesome service getting you all the things you can’t purchase here in the States or, in my case, don’t want to pay American prices for…

I wasn’t around last week when it initially arrived…and wasn’t able to make it out to the post office where it was being held for me until today…but boy was it worth the wait!

EMS package

First off.  EMS.  Impressive.  My guy not only uses a quality postal service, but he also emailed me the tracking info ASAP.  I was able to click and see where my book was at all times.  Not that it really mattered…my package arrived @ lightning speed…I must say, the amount of time from when I completed the transaction to the when I got my first notice that the package had arrived was shorter than some domestic orders I’ve placed…

Second of all…

to hell w/ customs

To hell w/ customs, right?  I’ve always found it annoying when I would have to declare my items on return trips from overseas.  It’s pretty cool knowing he marked the item as a gift and at a low value…

excellent packaging

The book was carefully packaged…I’m gonna give him credit for that too…but most awesome was the package of Japanese crackers he sent along…thoughtful and definitely not necessary!

I would definitely use this guy for any and ALL future purchases from Japan I need to make.  He’s so fast with his correspondence, so professional and courteous, and his reputation is SOLID.  I’d encourage you to use him as well if you’re looking for something, and would willingly pass him onto you if you’re interested…just give me a holla in the comments below…

at last

More on the book itself tmrw…

In the meantime, check out my previous posting about how I got myself a copy of this read:

WON:  Take Ivy by T. Hayashida (Part 1)


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