Taj Lounge Pants by Company of We

company of we lounge pantall images from Company of We

Company of We.  I first read of this great new label from the Thrillist back at the beginning of last month.   Refinery 29 has also reported on them.  The clothes look great in design, and yet are still simple enough.  Also, their lookbook pics with attractive models effectively showing off the line don’t hurt either.  I was most interested in the above Taj Lounge Pants, also designated as Harem Lounge Shorts on their site.  Apparently, everybody else was pleased with the drop-crotch style of these sweats, too.  Last month, they were still available for purchase, and I made a mental note to revisit them when I had more time to peruse the site.  Now, they’re on backorder.  Once again, ding-ed for procrastinating, folks.

Regardless, the site has a great deal where they’ll give you $25 off in return for your email address.  Hopefully, they won’t cancel my order.  I can’t wait for these to come.

Images from their lookbook/ad campaign after the jump:


company of we 1

company of we 2

company of we 3

company of we 4

company of we 5

company of we 6

company of we 7(perhaps my favorite image of them all…love the tumeric-tone cardigan over the interesting tee…the shade and pleating of the shorts completes the ensemble)

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