Beautifully Gory Window Displays

Barneys Helmut, one of my favorite daily haunts, has already given full coverage regarding these window displays, first at Barneys, and then at the Los Angeles Sporting Club.  Of very interesting note, their posting on the Barney’s windows generated quite a discussion, mainly from readers making complaints about how Barney’s was irresponsible in promoting a violence-against-women-friendly message.

Huh?  What?

I’m glad other readers were also present who were more aligned with my opinions:  the displays make you look twice, maybe the word “artsy” runs through your head, but the image as a whole definitely stick in your mind.  Actually, they also make me go, “I wonder how they applied the blood to make it look that way.”  But that’s it.  And I’m sure that’s all that Barneys intended.

The displays hardly make me think, “hmm, I’ve got a craving to maul some innocent individual of the opposite sex.”  If they did, I’d recommend a checkup with the local psychiatrist.

More images and thoughts after the jump:

Barneys ALC

To me, fashion is the great machine that takes its cues from the art world in terms of discourse, ideas, and presentation…never quite the same, it’s probably the best contemporary example of kitsch — as described by Walter Benjamin — that I can think of.  Of course, when you deal with kitsch, you deal with the narrow-minded, the ignorant…the masses.  What if these displays had been installations by some artist?  Would they have generated the same reaction from the viewer, and subsequent counter-reaction by the creator (Barneys took down the displays)?

On a less abstract level…switch the gender of the mannequins, and apparently, the effect is changed.  The LASC’s dental shop of horrors is proof of that, with no apparent fuss from the general public.  Personally, I find this display much more interesting…but it’s also more involved of a showing too.

LASC dental display 1

LASC dental display 2both images per SquareDesigns

These displays are done by window designer ChadMichael Christian Morrisette, whose design company, SquareDesigns, does windows for a variety of places in LA…his website has some pretty cool shots of previous works arranged by location/retailer/client…


One response to “Beautifully Gory Window Displays

  1. the lasc window is way! better then barneys. mr morrisette knows scary!

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