Hotdish & Bars <3's Laura Ramsey

laura ramsey mad men 2

I encountered a very pleasant surprise tonight when I imdb-ed Joy and Mad Men Season 2 and found out she is played by actress Laura Ramsey.

Up until now, I thought the stunningly beautiful WASP in The Covenant was a one hit wonder.   The Covenant, in hindsight, was an well-done exercise in eye candy…good acting wasn’t necessarily a top priority for that film…hello Chace Crawford/Nate Archibald of Gossip Girl…I rest my case.

But back to Laura…she is stunning in Mad Men…the pictures I can find online do not do her character’s style justice…the hair, the dresses…that bikini…and I love the bohemian carefree nature of her character’s personality as well…

If you’ve got better shots of her playing Joy in Mad Men, be sure to give me a heads up!

laura ramsey mad men


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