UO X The Impossible Project Polaroid Kit & Film

UO X Impossible ProjectImages courtesy of my sister and her iPhone.  Follow her on twitter.com/schohariegal.  Note:  she is NOT the one in solid orange, she would NEVER do that…

My sister in NYC was fortunate enough to pick up a deadstock polaroid camera and two sets of accompanying film early this afternoon.  Through a collaboration between Urban Outfitters and The Impossible Project, a group that acquired the Netherlands Polaroid factory with its machinery and is determined keep Polaroid alive, 6 UO locations this side of the Atlantic (1 in Vancouver, 1 in San Francisco, 1 in LA, 1 in Boston — Harvard Square, Cambridge, to be exact, and 2 in New York) were each stocked with 12 kits to sell at precisely 10 AM on the West Coast and 1 PM out East.  London’s Oxford Circus location also received a batch to sell at the corresponding time (6 PM).

The two of us have been curious about obtaining old Polaroid cameras for quite some time now, and we’ve seen them up for grabs online on ebay as well as places like Blackbird…but what happens if the used product is defective or doesn’t work as intended?  Deadstock definitely circumvents the issue…and I say it’s worth the UO markup with that in mind.  The camera + 1 pack of film comes as a kit and will set you back about $180…additional film is $24 a pop.

More on UO X The Impossible Project Polaroid Kit & Film after the jump:UO Broadway NYCAfter work, my sister headed downtown to the 628 Broadway location in SoHo where she found the store operating as normal without any lines/crowd and with only one other dude waiting for the product to go on sale.

Impossibly unhip hipster:  “How did you find out about this?  Did you get the email too?”

My sister:  “No…anybody with the sense to point and click will find the news plastered on interweb blogs everywhere.”

Impossibly unhip hipster:  “Well I got the email.”

My sister:  … (in thought: “Whoohoo?  Do you want a cookie?”)

One of the sales associates later on would tell my sister that each store received 12 kits in total, and that 2 were already missing from the Broadway store.  There are 700 kits in total that UO will eventually sell, each one is hand-numbered.

Chubby Asian geek behind my sister:  “So you actually going to use yours?”

My sister:  “I buy things to use them.”

End of story.


4 responses to “UO X The Impossible Project Polaroid Kit & Film

  1. I picked one up from Harvard Square store around 6:30pm (Friday). I knew nothing about this project, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the camera there. I also picked up a couple of extra 779 films. Actually, there is another UO store in Boston (Newbury Street). I’m going over there tomorrow to pick up a few more packs of film.

  2. “i buy things to use them ” Lmaoo! love the story to go along wit this awesome/informative post….and NOW BLOG.

  3. Would you be able to ask your sister how many films are in a film package?

    • Hey Michael —

      There’s 10 exposures per pack. Not the greatest number, in my opinion, but what’re you gonna do…


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