Hotdish & Bars <3's Tom Felton and Burberry Prorsum

Felton in Prorsum

Die-hard Harry-slash-Daniel-Radcliffe fans can argue all they want, but I find Draco to be the most intriguing of all the characters in the Potter series…especially after the most recent movie release where Tom Felton’s character plays a rather significant role in the movie…all the time dressed to the nines in impeccable black.

Found the above picture of him off his twitter this morning, and the first thing that struck me was the fact that he is dressed in a Prorsum tee. How patriotic. Love love LOVE the Prorsum line.

A couple shots from of the FW 2009/10 runway show, the first of Danny Beauchamp…:

danny beauchamp prorsum

prorsum image 2

The tee itself can be purchased online at Matches Fashion in the UK.

prorsum tee


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