Hotdish & Bars <3's Franz Ferdinand…STILL!

…especially their song, Live Alone, which I’ve currently got on replay off of their most recent album, Tonite:  Franz Ferdinand.  What I enjoy about this band is that their sound is always recognizeable on the radio even all these years later and despite there being new songs I’ve failed to stay current on…

There’s something about college that creates the perfect environment conducive for unearthing the most most current up and coming talent.  Or perhaps I lucked out because my best friend was the music director for her college radio station out in Western Massachusetts and thus, she was always ahead of the times in terms of the tunes.

Franz Ferdinand will always bring me back to my college years…early early spring 2004…the Paris shows were going on and I discovered the band while watching a clip on for Chanel FW 2004-2005…the song playing on the runway was Come on Home…as fate would have it, my best friend was blasting all the tracks from Franz’s debut album over the airwaves and at party’s she was dj-ing…up until then, we had this ongoing joke that I never truly warmed up to her music picks until two years after the point…she was that avant-garde…but that spring, we danced in unison to the same songs…

SADLY, has since dismantled all their Chanel coverage prior to 2006 (! … and … WTF?), and I’m left with some random youtube clip with some Japanese voice-over…the show is definitely not one of my favorites in terms of what was presented, but it will always remain a memorable one…


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