MYKITA X Bernhard Willhelm FRANZ Sunglasses

And the hype machine for Sex and The City II begins…received an email tonight from the Patricia Field boutique advertising the mirrored sunglasses Sarah Jessica Parker wore on the first day back on set (today!) for this sequel:

Sarah jessica Parker

Doesn’t SJP look great?  As for Patricia Field, costume designer for the SATC behemoth, I really wish I could just watch her in action…just observe her do her thing, you know?  I cannot wait for this movie to come out, current projected release date is 05.28.2010!

In the meantime, the above sunglasses are up for preorder on Patricia Field’s website.  They’re the result of a collaboration between designer Bernhard Willhelm and eyewear company MYKITA for Willhelm’s AW 2009 collection.

bernhard willhelm X mykita sunglasses

These smooth looking shades will go for $525.00 each.  I really like the lenses on the bottom-most pair.

Images from


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