COPPED: Anna Sui for Target Leather

UPDATE 09/15/2009:  Leather jacket arrived TODAY!  More pics and review for the jacket as well as a couple of the dresses HERE.

anna sui leather 2image from the blog of Adrien Field

Any arbiter of masstige knows how to really put on a glammed out pre-show effort to promote their wares, and Target is no exception, especially with their most current release of Gossip Girl inspired looks by Anna Sui.  The whole collection is now available online, following 3 days of pop-up-shop-in-Soho-only exposure.  The lookbook images were great, which I reported on earlier this summer.  The launch party was fab as reported by Adrien Field.  So how come when it comes to actually showing the clothes on the website, things take a turn for the dowdy…almost as if everybody’s woken up hungover the next morning after a night with full-on beer goggles?  And I can’t quite put my finger on it…is it the fact the models’ heads aren’t shown?  Or that their figures would never make it in the real world of modeling (if that’s the case, then I guess I should applaud Target for trying to give as realistic as possible of an image when it comes time to actually make the purchase)?

Perhaps this collection is one to experience in person…maybe I’ll run over and take a look later today.  Interestingly enough, Target has expanded their Minnesota locations from just 4 for Alexander McQueen and Loomstate (all in the Twin Cities Metro area) to a total of 12 for Anna Sui — this time, even the denizens of Duluth up north get a shot at landing a piece of the collection.

In the meantime, I’m learning from my mistakes.  I had wanted to get my sister the fabled Tracy Feith for Target leather motorcycle jacket, and was actually awake at the time the collection went online.  Thinking it would still be around later that morning, I went to bed and woke up to find the item sold out in all sizes.  I felt badly about that.  So, regardless of how the rest of the collection may appear to me online, I ordered the “Serena” leather.

anna sui leather

anna leather 3

This, once again, has looked real great in all the images leading up to the actual website images.  Seriously…is it just that the model below needs to be wearing a smaller size?  Unattractive as it is folks…

anna sui leather 6 image from Target

Regardless, early reviews have mentioned it sold pretty quickly at the pop-up shop.  Ditto for locations that put the collection out ahead of time, as reported by Target Addict.

Speaking of the pop-up shop, all done up in classic signature Anna Sui purple with the requisite punk/goth/rock black embellishments and font…wishing I could’ve seen this in person…

anna sui pop up shop

anna sui pop up shop 3

anna sui pop up shop 2images from unless otherwise mentioned

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