Anna Sui for Target, a Closer Look

This past Sunday, I blogged about the leather jacket that is the icing on the cake for Anna Sui’s collection for Target.  I was very surprised to find that the one I had ordered not only shipped by yesterday, but had arrived at my doorstep today.  Talk about speedy.

anna sui target leather

This piece definitely tops out the collection.  It’s pretty evident the Target design team made an attempt to put some quality into this item.  The leather is very soft, smooth, and supple, and the jacket as a whole is lightweight as opposed to cumbersome like a lot of bomber-style pieces I’ve encountered.  The velvet piping is a very nice addition.  My only complaint (and it’s not really even a complaint…’cause…beggars can’t be chooser, right?) would be the grosgrain zipper tie…really?  None more leather for the tie?

anna sui metallic jacquard

Sunday night, I also trecked out to one of the locations in Minnesota that carried the line…I opted to hit up the Midway SuperTarget in St. Paul.  Though slighly picked through with certain styles, the selection was still very good, and I picked up was the above metallic jacquard dress…which I initially looked over leading up to the collection release, but all those promo images of Du Juan rocking this dress really makes one think twice.

anna sui target du juan

I DO think Target cheated a bit by not showing the sash that is inteded to serve as a belt in the real-life version…and reviews have said to be careful as this piece runs large…but I also think that sash could be used to cinch the waist from the back, and the pleating at the front of the neckline suggests a fuller drape when worn if you ask me.

The fabric itself is beautiful and really is representative of Anna Sui’s signature tendency to use prints that stand out.

anna sui metallic jacquard closeup

And on the topic of prints, I picked up this second dress purely for the fact that the patterning is 100% Anna:

anna sui black silk wrap

The silk fabric and easy-to-pull-off wrap style make this a quality item to aquire.  But it’s the print that sells the deal if you ask me…

anna sui black silk wrap closeup


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