Marked Down Havaianas @ Urban Outfitters


To me, always having a pair of Havaianas nearby is a good thing.  I remember when a good friend brought me home a pair from a trip to Sao Paulo…around 2004…the brand had already begun generating a buzz here in the States, but I wouldn’t have caught on so soon had I never been gifted my first pair to try out.  I’ve never gone a summer (or dorm shower any time of the year!) w/o a pair since…

Simple in design, pretty much a no-brainer in appearance when it comes to what one would envision as the classic flip-flop, there’s enough density and substance combined with cushioned comfort in each foot to know you’re not wearing some nast-o pair from Old Navy…

It’s always great to hit up Urban Outfitters around this time of year each year as they’re an even sweeter of a deal when they’re just $10 a pop.



One response to “Marked Down Havaianas @ Urban Outfitters

  1. Wow that’s a good deal, I wish you could get them that cheap in the UK.

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