WANT: Mercedes 240D Diesel

Mercedes 240D

I saw this car pull up to a parking lot, a dad and son in tow, and I knew I had to get a picture…they must’ve wondered who the creep was that passed them as they parked, glanced, and walked back to his car to grab his camera and wait until they walked into the store…

I want this car.  And perhaps in this color too.  A couple years back, a friend told me about how old Mercedes that ran on diesel could be converted to run on such materials as vegetable oil or old transmission fluid.  He was more excited about the minimal environmental impact such cars promised, and yes, it’s cool to be green and all…but truth be told, I was more interested in the idea of owning the car because it would look vintage and harken to a classier era of automobiling.  I mean, doesn’t it just look like the perfect prop for a J. Crew catalog shoot?

I’ll be the first to admit I’m terrible when it comes to knowing my cars…but this…THIS is worth studying…given I’m sure the process of acquiring one, getting it refurbished to look like the one above, and then converting the engine is all going to amount to a pretty penny, I’ve still got a couple years to still just dream…

Beautiful.  I’m jealous.

Mercedes 240D 2



One response to “WANT: Mercedes 240D Diesel

  1. Yeah.. this car is totally worth whatever money you’d pay for it.. I have one just like it.. and it’s worth 15 grand now. It’s 1982.. I bought mine 4 years ago from a genius that built oil refineries.. they never even drove the thing. His wife said they ordered several electric cars for their family now.. lol.. and didn’t need their last trusty diesel. It had it’s own garage. He even gave me the sticker and invoice he paid for the car back then..lol . It’s the most beautiful one I’ve every seen it’s white with the tax MB Tex in it.
    it barely has 150Mil on it.. and bought it for 4500 bucks.. what a steal.. the paint literally glares at you.

    I’ve had many of them but this one takes the cake. Good luck finding a nice one. They are out there for sure.. but very rare.

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