Saturday Trip to Apple Ridge Orchard


September is quickly coming to an end, and one of the great things about fall is the arrival of apples ripe for the picking.  Apple Ridge Orchard has long been my family’s favorite place (and ONLY place) to go apple picking, and this morning was a perfect fall day to go.  Located in Mazeppa, MN, the trip from my hometown makes for a very nice drive, especially since the leaves have begun changing color…I’m hoping for some nice bright reds and oranges this year…




DSC03094There’s a store that sells pre-picked apples, cider, caramel apples, pumpkins, preserves…they used to have an old-fashioned donut-making machine that would spit out mini cinnamon-apple donuts too…unfortunately, that’s been missing in action for a while now…  But there’s always been a tractor that takes people up into the orchards…that’s pretty classic…

DSC03110Haystacks on the front porch, complete w/ scarecrows…

DSC03095A nicely stocked supply of apple butter…this is one of my favorite items to take home w/ me each year when we visit…it goes real nice spread over toast in the mornings…

DSC03111In the back sits this conveyor belt that spits out apple bits…my curiosity got the better of me and so I decided to take a closer look…



I remember when I first arrived at college out east.  People around me would always get so wide-eyed and excited over the prospect of going apple-picking…and I’d sit there and think, what’s the big deal?  Just another thing I guess I’ve always taken for granted…


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