I Wish More Men Wore Fur

Mrs. Marc Jacobsphoto by Daniel Krieger for racked.com

The sharp drop (but season appropriate) in temperature this week has me combing through images I’ve saved for inspiration during the colder months.

This past February, racked.com put up this picture of Lorenzo Martone, aka Mrs. Marc Jacobs, as part of their regular series that polls pics of pedestrian outfits shot on the streets of New York.  Unfortunately, the “who did this to you?” option seems to have won.  But to me, this man has it together from head to toe.  With fur comes the notion of bold opulence, and the Louis Vuitton sneakers definitely add to that…at the same time, the casual suit, unbuttoned shirt, aviators, and beanie take it all down a notch while still lending a sense of smart well-thought-out style.  PERFECTION!

A walk into any Swedish fast fashion chain will tell you their big theme for womens this season is fur anything.

Lorenzo notes he picked up his coat from Barneys.  LOVE Barneys.  I wonder if a similar piece will be offered by the department store of department stores this year.

I wish more men wore fur.


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