I Wish More Men Wore Capes

Blue Cape Boy Wonderphoto from Scott Schuman’s blog thesartorialist

Today was cold and dreary, it was raining here in MN, and I made the mistake of being out and about with my leather Rogues Gallery tote — which has become quite precious to me — with only an umbrella that did no sheltering when the downpours would happen every so often.  I hope my baby is ok… I finally, reluctantly, began digging through my fall wardrobe…but my mind has been on this guy’s outfit for quite some time…so what the hell…malign me if you so desire, I might be a year’s worth late in my quest for a cape for spring, but honestly, nobody will notice here in my neck of the woods…

This boy knows personal style through and through — his cape may be the first thing that catches the eye…let’s call it his accent piece…but on closer inspection — the black-rimmed glasses, the jeans rolled up just so, his bag with leather detailing (if there was a duck stamped onto the leather somewhere, I’d totally have believed it was vintage Dooney & Bourke…i.e. the good stuff), the quirky watch…they all make for a personally curated sense of style…he’s definitely put some thought into what he’s going to traipse around in for the day…

And finally his boots…those Opening Ceremony boots…the buckle detailing is clever, and the toffee color pairs well with his blues…  Per 00o00, the style is on sale!  As I was re-locating this picture, I thought to myself, those boots actually ring a bell for me this time (as opposed to when I first saw the image back in July), and then it occurred to me, 00o00 made mention of them not too long ago!  Sidenote: I have an interweb-crush on this guy, who has parlayed his personal taste and style (both of which are top-notch) into a very successful blog…click over and see for yourself!

But back to that cape…where do I find a cape like that?  I wonder how hard it would be to sew one myself…perhaps it’s time to go pattern hunting for a winter DIY project…

I wish more men wore capes.


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