Barneys Co-op Fall 2009 Mailer


I was excited to finally received my Barneys Co-op Fall 2009 Mailer a couple days ago.  I always look forward to Barneys’ mailers as they combine top of the line labels and styles with excellent editing and creative direction.  Thumbs up to those who work as buyers for this excellent department store, and double thumbs up for those who are in charge of marketing the looks.  To me, Barneys keeps it one notch above the rest, especially since their Co-op division always includes an ample portion of the harder-to-find high-end.  LOOOOVE Barneys.

I’m especially thrilled they’re offering Elizabeth & James for men this fall, I’ve been waiting for this men’s line by the Olsen twins to become available…I’ve got my eye on that vest now…unfortunately, it’s nowhere to be found (yet?) on the Barneys website.


Smokey eyes for men!  I love that there’s a deliberate smudge effect that gives an uneven quality to the eyes…no sharp eyeliner this time around.  This added editorial effect brings a moody slightly wayward tone to their mens lines…perfect for fall!…I wish I could say I’m busting out my makeup bag and figuring out how to replicate the look…but I’m going to have to study it for a bit longer…  I’m also pretty enamoured with that hat by Albertus Swanepoel, the jacket is nice too…Phillip Lim…


Once again, those eyes….


I love that this Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony cardigan with that leopard print makes for such an eclectic piece, especially on a guy…and I like that it’s been featured paired with long johns and layered over a tee…would I dare wear this outfit on the street?


And lastly, Marc, can’t forget Marc by Marc Jacobs…the argyle cardigan takes on a bit more flavor given the stripes as well as the fact that the patterning moves onto the sleeves…too many times, I find argyle cardigans where it’s limited to just the chest and the sleeves and front have been left solid…lazy…


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