LOCAL FLAVOR: Ken (and Barbie) Comes to the Mall of America


First of all, I find Ken SO much more attractive and sexy than his female counterpart…but that’s just me  😉  I do wish he didn’t have that lipstick mark on his cheek though…it’s ruining the fantasy for me…KIDDING!…but no really…can’t we for once get a decent image of Ken without some indication that Barbie’s been there before us?  My sister has a cute tee she bought a couple years back with Ken’s face on it…only, this time, Barbie’s caught in the act of leaving that same mark on his face with her lips…DISGUSTING!

The image above is taken at The Barbie Shop, newly arrived at the Mall of America as of yesterday.  Barbie turned 50 this year, and Mattel has been very big on celebrating her birthday birthYEAR.  Beginning at Fashion Week last February with the Barbie Fashion Show at the Bryant Park tents, Barbie has remained in the spotlight throughout the year thus far though special collaborations from the likes of Colette, Heidi Klum, Goyard, Karl Lagerfeld, Jonathan Adler, and Philippe Starck for Kartel to name a few…

The official opening date for The Barbie Shop at Mall of America is today (10/02).  Yesterday, only patrons who had received a special invite were able to access the pop-up shop, which is reported to stay around until March 2010. This shop is also a continuation of previous pop-up shops beginning with Bloomingdale’s 59th Street Store last February and then Fred Segal in LA. Per the Pioneer Press, the shop will offer clothing, totes, dolls, play sets and accessories…I have a feeling the quality and nature of the merchandise isn’t going to be of the same caliber as that offered in the previous pop-up shops, however…just a feeling…nothing more…


Periodically interspersed along the first floor walkways are a collection of enclosed cases that comprise the “What A Doll” retrospective exhibit featuring Barbie dolls throughout the decades…I didn’t care so much for the dolls themselves as I walked through…but I DID like that the case stands feature archival artwork…I prefer how Barbie used to be drawn…

This doll, aptly named Foxy Barbie, did catch my attention tho…I wish her hair were bigger…


Sadly, Ken was nowhere to be found in the exhibit…when does he get his own retrospective?


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