Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Just finished watching yesterday’s Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2010 show, part of Paris fashion week…so much to comment on!  I’ll do that later tonite.  In the meantime, I LOVE that McQueen used Lady’s Gaga’s newest single, Bad Romance, to close out his show.  The song, which will be part of The Fame:  Monster, a two-disc deluxe re-issue of The Fame that comes out November 24 — is definitely going to get playtime in the clubs and radio waves…it’s all things Gaga…  I cannot wait until a decent copy w/o the annoying voice-over hits youtube.  In the meantime…:


LO by Laurence Nguyen

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Hotdish & Bars <3's Andrew Cooper

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Barneys Co-op Fall 2009 Mailer


I was excited to finally received my Barneys Co-op Fall 2009 Mailer a couple days ago.  I always look forward to Barneys’ mailers as they combine top of the line labels and styles with excellent editing and creative direction.  Thumbs up to those who work as buyers for this excellent department store, and double thumbs up for those who are in charge of marketing the looks.  To me, Barneys keeps it one notch above the rest, especially since their Co-op division always includes an ample portion of the harder-to-find high-end.  LOOOOVE Barneys.

I’m especially thrilled they’re offering Elizabeth & James for men this fall, I’ve been waiting for this men’s line by the Olsen twins to become available…I’ve got my eye on that vest now…unfortunately, it’s nowhere to be found (yet?) on the Barneys website.


Smokey eyes for men!  I love that there’s a deliberate smudge effect that gives an uneven quality to the eyes…no sharp eyeliner this time around.  This added editorial effect brings a moody slightly wayward tone to their mens lines…perfect for fall!…I wish I could say I’m busting out my makeup bag and figuring out how to replicate the look…but I’m going to have to study it for a bit longer…  I’m also pretty enamoured with that hat by Albertus Swanepoel, the jacket is nice too…Phillip Lim…


Once again, those eyes….


I love that this Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony cardigan with that leopard print makes for such an eclectic piece, especially on a guy…and I like that it’s been featured paired with long johns and layered over a tee…would I dare wear this outfit on the street?


And lastly, Marc, can’t forget Marc by Marc Jacobs…the argyle cardigan takes on a bit more flavor given the stripes as well as the fact that the patterning moves onto the sleeves…too many times, I find argyle cardigans where it’s limited to just the chest and the sleeves and front have been left solid…lazy…

LOCAL FLAVOR: Ken (and Barbie) Comes to the Mall of America


First of all, I find Ken SO much more attractive and sexy than his female counterpart…but that’s just me  😉  I do wish he didn’t have that lipstick mark on his cheek though…it’s ruining the fantasy for me…KIDDING!…but no really…can’t we for once get a decent image of Ken without some indication that Barbie’s been there before us?  My sister has a cute tee she bought a couple years back with Ken’s face on it…only, this time, Barbie’s caught in the act of leaving that same mark on his face with her lips…DISGUSTING!

The image above is taken at The Barbie Shop, newly arrived at the Mall of America as of yesterday.  Barbie turned 50 this year, and Mattel has been very big on celebrating her birthday birthYEAR.  Beginning at Fashion Week last February with the Barbie Fashion Show at the Bryant Park tents, Barbie has remained in the spotlight throughout the year thus far though special collaborations from the likes of Colette, Heidi Klum, Goyard, Karl Lagerfeld, Jonathan Adler, and Philippe Starck for Kartel to name a few…

The official opening date for The Barbie Shop at Mall of America is today (10/02).  Yesterday, only patrons who had received a special invite were able to access the pop-up shop, which is reported to stay around until March 2010. This shop is also a continuation of previous pop-up shops beginning with Bloomingdale’s 59th Street Store last February and then Fred Segal in LA. Per the Pioneer Press, the shop will offer clothing, totes, dolls, play sets and accessories…I have a feeling the quality and nature of the merchandise isn’t going to be of the same caliber as that offered in the previous pop-up shops, however…just a feeling…nothing more…


Periodically interspersed along the first floor walkways are a collection of enclosed cases that comprise the “What A Doll” retrospective exhibit featuring Barbie dolls throughout the decades…I didn’t care so much for the dolls themselves as I walked through…but I DID like that the case stands feature archival artwork…I prefer how Barbie used to be drawn…

This doll, aptly named Foxy Barbie, did catch my attention tho…I wish her hair were bigger…


Sadly, Ken was nowhere to be found in the exhibit…when does he get his own retrospective?

I Wish More Men Wore Capes

Blue Cape Boy Wonderphoto from Scott Schuman’s blog thesartorialist

Today was cold and dreary, it was raining here in MN, and I made the mistake of being out and about with my leather Rogues Gallery tote — which has become quite precious to me — with only an umbrella that did no sheltering when the downpours would happen every so often.  I hope my baby is ok… I finally, reluctantly, began digging through my fall wardrobe…but my mind has been on this guy’s outfit for quite some time…so what the hell…malign me if you so desire, I might be a year’s worth late in my quest for a cape for spring, but honestly, nobody will notice here in my neck of the woods…

This boy knows personal style through and through — his cape may be the first thing that catches the eye…let’s call it his accent piece…but on closer inspection — the black-rimmed glasses, the jeans rolled up just so, his bag with leather detailing (if there was a duck stamped onto the leather somewhere, I’d totally have believed it was vintage Dooney & Bourke…i.e. the good stuff), the quirky watch…they all make for a personally curated sense of style…he’s definitely put some thought into what he’s going to traipse around in for the day…

And finally his boots…those Opening Ceremony boots…the buckle detailing is clever, and the toffee color pairs well with his blues…  Per 00o00, the style is on sale!  As I was re-locating this picture, I thought to myself, those boots actually ring a bell for me this time (as opposed to when I first saw the image back in July), and then it occurred to me, 00o00 made mention of them not too long ago!  Sidenote: I have an interweb-crush on this guy, who has parlayed his personal taste and style (both of which are top-notch) into a very successful blog…click over and see for yourself!

But back to that cape…where do I find a cape like that?  I wonder how hard it would be to sew one myself…perhaps it’s time to go pattern hunting for a winter DIY project…

I wish more men wore capes.

UPDATE — Soundtrack to The September Issue

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