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Minneapolis First Snow, 10.12.2009

First Snow 2009

The no-flash option on my camera makes the snowflakes look like streamers.  I’m not sure if I’m celebrating tonight, though.


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Celebrate Fashion’s Night Out @ Barneys

Promoting the launch of their new mens line for The Row, these two darlings served drinks on the 3rd floor of the men’s department at Barneys as part of the greater festivities that comprised Fashion’s Night Out.  Oh how I wish I had been there…these two girls are totally my style icons…

2009 Olmsted County Fair Fun, Part 2

olmsted county fair carousel
A few days back, I posted images of the nice barnyard creatures my sister and I visited at our county fair. After the animals came the refreshments. I can’t speak for non-midwest affairs, but at any public occasion in these neck of the woods, one can always rest assured cheese curds and mini-donuts aren’t too far away. Definitely artery cloggers…but they’re so intrinsically linked to the sensibility of this region, I can never pass them up.

Pics of my lazy summer “cullinary” picks after the jump:

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2009 Olmsted County Fair Fun

county fair rides

It just so happened that I had a full weekend off to myself when the county fair was in town.  I’d be lying if I were to say I’m a repeat customer when it comes to this one…my sister and I definitely are Minnesota State Fair go-ers though…but the two of us, with time on our hands this past weekend, decided to ease into the fair season this year with a teaser trial.

We go for the animals:

cows at the olmsted county fairMooo…so pastorale, wouldn’t you say?  I love the light and dark contrast in this shot…with black and white cows at the same time…

More animals after the jump:

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