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Barneys Co-op Fall 2009 Mailer


I was excited to finally received my Barneys Co-op Fall 2009 Mailer a couple days ago.  I always look forward to Barneys’ mailers as they combine top of the line labels and styles with excellent editing and creative direction.  Thumbs up to those who work as buyers for this excellent department store, and double thumbs up for those who are in charge of marketing the looks.  To me, Barneys keeps it one notch above the rest, especially since their Co-op division always includes an ample portion of the harder-to-find high-end.  LOOOOVE Barneys.

I’m especially thrilled they’re offering Elizabeth & James for men this fall, I’ve been waiting for this men’s line by the Olsen twins to become available…I’ve got my eye on that vest now…unfortunately, it’s nowhere to be found (yet?) on the Barneys website.


Smokey eyes for men!  I love that there’s a deliberate smudge effect that gives an uneven quality to the eyes…no sharp eyeliner this time around.  This added editorial effect brings a moody slightly wayward tone to their mens lines…perfect for fall!…I wish I could say I’m busting out my makeup bag and figuring out how to replicate the look…but I’m going to have to study it for a bit longer…  I’m also pretty enamoured with that hat by Albertus Swanepoel, the jacket is nice too…Phillip Lim…


Once again, those eyes….


I love that this Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony cardigan with that leopard print makes for such an eclectic piece, especially on a guy…and I like that it’s been featured paired with long johns and layered over a tee…would I dare wear this outfit on the street?


And lastly, Marc, can’t forget Marc by Marc Jacobs…the argyle cardigan takes on a bit more flavor given the stripes as well as the fact that the patterning moves onto the sleeves…too many times, I find argyle cardigans where it’s limited to just the chest and the sleeves and front have been left solid…lazy…


I Wish More Men Wore Fur

Mrs. Marc Jacobsphoto by Daniel Krieger for racked.com

The sharp drop (but season appropriate) in temperature this week has me combing through images I’ve saved for inspiration during the colder months.

This past February, racked.com put up this picture of Lorenzo Martone, aka Mrs. Marc Jacobs, as part of their regular series that polls pics of pedestrian outfits shot on the streets of New York.  Unfortunately, the “who did this to you?” option seems to have won.  But to me, this man has it together from head to toe.  With fur comes the notion of bold opulence, and the Louis Vuitton sneakers definitely add to that…at the same time, the casual suit, unbuttoned shirt, aviators, and beanie take it all down a notch while still lending a sense of smart well-thought-out style.  PERFECTION!

A walk into any Swedish fast fashion chain will tell you their big theme for womens this season is fur anything.

Lorenzo notes he picked up his coat from Barneys.  LOVE Barneys.  I wonder if a similar piece will be offered by the department store of department stores this year.

I wish more men wore fur.

Jimmy Choo X H&M Sneak (Leaked) Preview

Jimmy Choo X H&M Thigh HighThe image is from ShinyStyle and is reportedly a leaked image from the yet to be released collaboration between shoe label Jimmy Choo and H&M this coming November.

I posted about this collaboration back when the news was first announced.  This style above is so on-trend from the most recent set of fashion weeks (Fall 2009 collections).

Prada’s versions look almost (to me) like a version of wellies:

Prada Thigh High

Prada Thigh High 3

But my favorite interpretations of these boots were those done by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton’s glitz and glammed out collection for Fall 2009, which also showcased those rabbit ears that make for great editorial accents (and plus, you can do no harm by using Jessica Stam to present the look):

Stam @ LV

Anna Selezneva @ LVall runway images from style.com

The Jimmy Choo X H&M thigh-highs will sell for around $345 reportedly.

I’m excited to see what the collaboration has in store for men!

I Kiss Boys Tote @ Ralph Lauren & Rugby


per Rugby.com:

“Fashion and function meet philanthropy in our I Kiss Boys Tote — 100% of the net proceeds from your purchase directly benefit the Hetrick-Martin Institute. Designed by students of Polo Fashion School, the tote reflects the proud values of the Hetrick-Martin Institute’s Harvey Milk High School, dedicated to the needs of the lesbian, bi-sexual, gay and transgender or questioning community and open to all students. Lightweight canvas with a spray-painted background and “Live Colorful with the Hetrick Martin Institute” printed on one side; “I Kiss Boys” in script on the other side and contrasting shoulder straps.15″ H x 14 1/2″ L. 100% cotton. Imported.”

Cute, and only $10!  And just in time for Pride Week.  Over @ racked.com, they note that these totes are also available for purchase @ the Bleeker store…somebody’s trying to pull a Marc Jacobs accessory store concept…  Kinda flimsy-looking online, but it’s for a good cause…rugby.com has them for sale HERE.

…oh, there’s an “I Kiss Girls” tote too…but…whatever…

image per racked.com, a site i cannot live day-to-day without…

Hunter Wellingtons on GILT.com

hunter short

GILT.com isn’t offering a full out sale on a selection of Hunter wellies, but if you click among their personal offerings, they are offering the short style in navy.  All sizes available except for size 12!  Can’t get to them because you’re not a member?  Click HERE for your personal invite.  Then go to this web address if you want direct access:


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