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Hotdish & Bars <3's The September Issue


So I went to see The September Issue tonight, which I’ve been itching to see even before the trailer was released. The movie does NOT disappoint. I must admit, when I wasn’t staring in awe with my mouth wide open because of what was going on-screen, I found myself smiling at how this documentary captures the behind-the-scenes look at Vogue and its assemblage of its 2007 September issue.

Although New Yorkers have had access to this film since it’s August 28 release in NYC, and a wide release date was set for 9/11, I was still skeptical any place in Minnesota would be showing this film. Nevertheless, I looked up showtimes this morning and found two theaters in the area that had begun playing the film since last Friday! I had to zone in for the kill…


Or perhaps I was onto something with my cynicism…behold a visual representation of how Minnesotans receive a film about high fashion:


Okay, okay…it was a Monday night, the 9:45 showing was the last one scheduled, and in the end, one other girl did eventually saunter in to keep me company…but for a moment, I was psyched that I might be able to take in this movie all to myself!


In the end, I don’t get why Anna is labeled as such in the public media…her demands and standards speak of her professionalism and dedication, not some personal vendetta against humanity. And in all honesty, the means by which she carries herself and executes her daily obligations run parallels to leaders in other walks of life…like mine…


What I truly loved about this film, though, was its role as a valentine to Grace Coddington, creative director of Vogue. I can’t get enough of watching her on the silver screen, I’d watch this film all over again just for her. She’s warm and sensible, she’s down to earth in her dealings with her colleagues, and you truly derive a sense that she’s as dedicated to her job as her boss but in her own way.




Along the way, one witnesses the story arc that is Thakoon’s collaboration with the Gap and the CFDA…he’s such a cutie.


Mario Testino gets some good screen time too…he’s such a sexy man…


Back at my apartment, I knew I stashed it somewhere amidst my piles of back issues I can never seem to throw out. And now I know why! After a bit of digging, I uncovered mine own copy of the 2007 September issue!


The images in this issue just took on a whole new meaning having now seen the film. I love it.


D&G <3's Military for F/W 2009/2010

DGmilitaryimage from niwdenapolis

Just staying current on a personal well-loved theme that’s continuing into the fall.  Loved the runway images for this collection…images for their F/W 2009/2010 campaign are up for preview now.  See the rest of the preview images, shot by Mario Testino, over at NIWDENAPOLIS, my favorite blog find of the moment.

UPDATE 08.26.09: In addition to the above, all images are also now up on the D&G official website complete with runway shots and an ONLINE STORE.  It’s been a while since I’ve snooped onto the D&G site…since when did they delve into the world of online commerce?!  This is pretty sweet news for me…unfortunately, the selection online is pretty edited, i.e., no baroque-revival extravaganza is to be had.  sad.

UPDATE 10.13.2009: Two of the F/W 2009/2010 military-themed jackets are up at the online store!  Click HERE for more.


The September Issue Trailer

WOW.  Now THIS is movie I cannot wait to see.  The September Issue documentary featuring Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour…the trailer is jam-packed with industry big names…Thakoon, Mario Testino, Caroline Trentini (one of my personal all-time FAVES), Raquel Zimmerman, Coco Rocha…I love them all…KARL, OSCAR, Gautier…the list just goes on…  Soon, we all will get an inside look at the Vogue-machine as it assembled the 2007 September issue (September is always their most important issue).  The footage just on the trailer looks great…in terms of settings and wardrobe…all in all, looks to be a compelling film!

video courtesy of hollywoodstreams