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H&M Fall Winter 2009, Part 2, 08.19.09

H&M MOAH&M, Mall of America style. Image taken from the flickr account of TaulPaul.

Given my settings, it’s always a stretch when it comes to what H&M advertises and what my local H&M releases onto the sales floor. Smart company. You would think that as a Swedish mega-retailer from afar, they might be fooled into the illusion that a store in the Mall of America could be a cash cow prime hotspot for hot trend pieces. Nope. It’s still just us the non-forward consumer here.

Message to H&M: Please take note of my sarcasm and do something nice for your customers here in Minneapolis who actually care.

Regardless, I always find myself making a trip every so often in the renewed hope that I will find that piece…you know, the one that you feel is a cheap but smart addition to your wardrobe…it’s the romance of the H&M ethos… My most recent trip was a couple weeks ago…and although I dream of the day Men’s Trend pieces — military band jackets and all — will pop up at my outpost, I think I’d sooner better serve myself by moving out East again.

Regardless, I managed to pick up the following two pieces, which I cannot wait to wear once the weather feels right:

H&M fall 2009 black track 3This simple track jacket caught my attention because of the shimmery black fabric it’s made from.  I found it in the divided section, and it also came in purple…  The sheen lends an almost (I daresay) wet effect to the jacket, it’s thin enough to wear pretty soon…over a simple tee and a pair of either black or raw denim skinnies?  At $29.90, the pricepoint is excellent.

A closeup of the material…

H&M fall 2009 black track 2

And then I picked up this second piece almost as an afterthought because I already have plenty of similar variations back in my closet.

H&M navy trench fall 2009

Nothing earth-shattering here.  It’s the standard $79.90 pricepoint trench H&M puts out every so often during the transition seasons.  Only this time, it was in a dark navy, which is a trench  color I have yet to acquire, so that was also a justification I guess.  The details in this rendition are pretty good…I especially like the plaid lining inside.

H&M fall 2009 trench lining

H&M navy trench fall 2009 closeup

It didn’t occur to me until more recently, however, that this trench might be one of the key items the company is trying to push for this coming fall.  As new fall campaign images have surfaced, I’ve found myself taking a second look:

Nick Snider H&M 2009

Nick Snider H&M 2009 2Model:  Nick Snider.  Images from H&M by way of models.com.
Andres Segura H&M 3Model:  Andres Velencoso Segura.  Image from H&M by way of thefashionisto.com.

Now everytime I don my trench this fall, I’ll feel just as hot and sexy as Nick or Andres.  I’m such a sucker for good advertising.


Target Fall 2009 Military Band Jacket

target jacket

Walked into Target today with the sister and found this piece to be pretty on-trend and at a great price — $29.99.  At that price, we’ll over look the fact it could have been touched up with a bit more flair.  Pas mal, as the two of us like to say.

D&G <3's Military for F/W 2009/2010

DGmilitaryimage from niwdenapolis

Just staying current on a personal well-loved theme that’s continuing into the fall.  Loved the runway images for this collection…images for their F/W 2009/2010 campaign are up for preview now.  See the rest of the preview images, shot by Mario Testino, over at NIWDENAPOLIS, my favorite blog find of the moment.

UPDATE 08.26.09: In addition to the above, all images are also now up on the D&G official website complete with runway shots and an ONLINE STORE.  It’s been a while since I’ve snooped onto the D&G site…since when did they delve into the world of online commerce?!  This is pretty sweet news for me…unfortunately, the selection online is pretty edited, i.e., no baroque-revival extravaganza is to be had.  sad.

UPDATE 10.13.2009: Two of the F/W 2009/2010 military-themed jackets are up at the online store!  Click HERE for more.