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WON: Take Ivy by T. Hayashida

UPDATE 07.31.09: Finally picked up the book in the mail.  More images and review HERE.

DISCLAIMER: not much I’m really adding to the Take Ivy vernacular that hasn’t already been represented on some other blog on the interweb…mainly just regurgitating what’s already been conversed…with an added kink or two…

Exceedingly difficult to find?  Really?

Over here at Hotdish & Bars, I’ve got myself in a celebratory mood over an auction I won the other night for a copy of Take Ivy, a largely picture-based book from Japanese photographer Teruyoshi Hayashida containing images he took on the Ivy campuses back in the 1960s.

take ivy winning bid

Mine is a story that began eons ago (2008) when Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean essentially brought attention to this book stateside by blogging about his copy.

**Note: I’ve been quietly stalking ACL for a while now…and I hope I’m not committing a disservice by simplifying the efforts of ACL in saying this, but it is an excellent place for all that is Americana in style…I encourage you to take a peak if you haven’t done so…**

Not long thereafter, I noticed mention of the book on a few other of my personal favorites in terms of blogs…Blackbird

…and then on the Rugby blog…

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HOW EMBARRASSING: Jake in Chicago Plays Dirty

The New York Times put up an article yesterday regarding this boutique in Chicago:


The articles deals with how the owners of this once-charming boutique went through the effort of establishing relationships with up-and-coming designers…only to take advantage of those relationships once the economy went sour.  It’s a story of betrayal…it’s a story of that nice grandma-type neighbor pointing a gun at you she pulled from her purse…it’s sickening.

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The end of an era: Yoko Devereaux

yokoimage per nytimes

I first found the Yoko Devereaux line about three years ago while shopping in the Wicker Park area of Chicago…the pieces were simple but sharp-looking, the construction on some pieces looked unique…I instantly became a fan.  This past fall, I found the line for sale on http://www.supermarkethq.com (i.e. etsy but much more easily navigated)…the selection was great, and there were great buys at sale pricepoints too.

Earlier this month, the New York Times did an article on the line at their Brooklyn store.  Yoko D was launched in collaboration with Urban Outfitters this past April.

ALL THIS, but unfortunately, the line is ending 😦  Turning lemons into lemonade, the line is going out with a bang…a big sale begins today online…in stores tomorrow.  Tees are $5, down from $64-$69…Cardigans are $20 down from $96…deals like this aren’t an everyday thing…jump in!

Check it out at www.yokodevereaux.com

I copped the tee below, and I think it’s the first in a long time I’ve paid more for shipping than for the item itself.

yoko4The white house on a hill behind the WASP-y family complete w/ an “H”…subversively New England!

yoko3s/s 09 from yokodevereaux.com